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Lefas Hotel, Delphi

Just 300 meters from the famous archaeological site of Delphi. A UNESCO monument of cultural heritage, one of the most visited places in Greece.

And if it is the winter you love most, the ultramodern Parnassos ski center, half an hour from Delphi, will offer you magical moments on its snowy slopes and slopes.

A well-known international path (Gibraltar to Cyprus) runs through the Delphic land, its last continental part (Delphi to Kirra’s port) being the exact same route as that ancient pilgrims used to walk all the way up to the Delphi Oracle in order to receive the prophecy.

The naval city of Galaxidi with its magnificent traditional harbor and its special architecture is combined with strolls in beautiful hidden beaches or in the nearby and distant bays.

Amfissa’s olive grove is a massive and breathtaking natural gift to humanity. The protected, by name and origins, ‘Amfissa’ olive type, is the main product of the grove. For the experts of the sector, this big rounded olive is probably the most delicious olive in the world. With its gastronomic tradition, natural beauty, warm & hospitable people, traditional villages bringing to the present the age-long history of Central Greece and its legends of the far past, the Delphic land is definitely one of the most beautiful, inviting and friendly places to live in Greece and fully enjoy the benefits of a top quality life.

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